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Computer Games...

I enjoy playing computer games. Some of my frequent games include the Age of Empires series, Icewind Dale, and Diablo II.

Card and Board Games...

I enjoy playing many card games, including UNO, Phase-10, and most games with a standard deck.

I have started expanding my collection of board games. Take a look at our growing collection here.

Role-Playing Games...

I played Dungeons & Dragons and d20 Modern for a while. I have also played HERO. I am also working on my own game (read more here).

Game Nights...

I occasionally host a game night. I invite a few people over one evening, get some snacks to munch on, and play games. If you are in the Fredericksburg, VA, area and are interested in joining, please let me know!!

Some games 1

Some games 2

Some games 3