Organization Test ID Test Name Date
CompTIA A+ Core Service Technician Exam 10/20/1998
CompTIA A+ DOS/Microsoft® Windows® Service Technician Exam 10/20/1998
CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam 9/9/1999
CompTIA i-Net+ Certification Exam 6/23/2000
Microsoft 70-058 Networking Essentials 12/30/1998
Microsoft 70-059 Internetworking with Microsoft® TCP/IP 12/30/1998
Microsoft 70-067 Implementing and Supporting NT™ Server 3/2/1999
Microsoft 70-087 Implementing and Supporting Microsoft®
Internet Information Server
Microsoft 70-068 Implementing and Supporting NT™ Server in the Enterprise 3/25/1999
Microsoft 70-073 Implementing and Supporting NT™ 4.0 Workstation 3/25/1999
HDI KCSV5_CE Knowledge-Centered Support Principles 6/30/2012
HDI HDI_SCTL_V4_CE HDI Support Center Team Lead 6/9/2013
HDI HDI_DSM_V1.2_CE HDI Desktop Support Manager 11/24/2013
HDI HDI_SCM_V5.0_CE HDI Support Center Manager 11/27/2014
ITIL ITIL Foundation Examination 9/18/2013
ITIL ITIL Service Strategy Examination 9/20/2014
ITIL ITIL Service Transition Examination 11/27/2019
ITIL ITIL Service Operation Examination 10/16/2019
ITIL ITIL Continual Service Improvement Examination 5/4/2017
ITIL ITIL Practitioner Examination 2/28/2018
ITIL ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle 3/7/2020
ITIL ITIL 4 Foundation Examination 3/1/2019
ITIL ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition 5/1/2020
LITA Lean IT Foundation Examination 1/17/2017
Bomgar Bomgar Representative Essentials v16.2 Examination 4/6/2017
VeriSM VeriSM Foundation 10/17/2018
VeriSM VeriSM Professional 01/22/2020