I am gay. I did not decide to be gay. I did not choose to be gay. I AM gay. Just as I am male, I am Caucasian, I am human. I did not choose any of these attributes; I was born that way. I could choose to deny my sexuality, my race, my gender, my species. But I would be living the life of someone else, I would be living a lie.

The "Preachers"…

I keep thinking of the bumper sticker that reads, "God, protect me from your followers." This is sad, but so very true. This country was founded with a belief in religious freedom and freedom from religious persecution. The "preachers" of hate wish to convert, to "purify", to "save". I have my own faith and do not wish to be converted. I am pure in the eyes of my god. I do not need to be "saved" for I am not lost, I am not innately in peril.

To the "preachers" of hate I pose the following. I am not a follower of your faith. I do not believe in the hateful and vindictive god you worship. I believe in a caring, loving, and accepting god. My god created me this way for a reason. Who am I to judge my god's purpose in creating me this way. And who are you to judge my god. I do not judge your god. I do not try to "save" you by imposing my beliefs on you. If you wish to "save" me, save me from your fear-mongering, your persecution, your discrimination, your hate.


I have a few questions for the zealots out there.

  • If marriage is a religious institution, why does the State sanction it? Is this not a violation of the separation of Church and State?
  • If marriage is a civil contract, why restrict entry into this contract? Is this not discrimination based on the gender of the parties involved?
  • The biggest threat to marriage is not my desire to be with someone I love.  The biggest threat to marriage is divorce.

The Truth…

If you would like to learn the truth about homosexuality, our struggles, our differences, our similarities, our support, visit the links below.