These works were used in completion of courses to satisfy degree requirements.

Statistics for Managers (BPST 316)

  • Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics, Thirteenth Edition
    Lind, Marchal, Wathen (2008)
    McGraw-Hill Higher Education
    ISBN: 978-0-07-303022-7

Leadership and Organizational Behavior (LRSP 301)

  • Essentials of Organizational Behavior, Ninth Edition
    Robbins, Judge (2008)
    Pearson Prentice Hall
    ISBN: 978-0-13-243152-1
  • Behavior in Organizations: An Experiential Approach, Eighth Edition
    Shani, Lau (2005)
    McGraw-Hill Higher Education
    ISBN: 0-07-248575-2
  • The Art of Leadership, Second Edition
    Manning, Curtis (2007)
    McGraw-Hill Higher Education
    ISBN: 0-07-299568-8

Management Information Systems (MMIS 500)

  • Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, Tenth Edition
    Laudon, Laudon (2007)
    Pearson Prentice Hall

Information Systems Analysis and Design (MMIS 505)

  • Modern Systems Analysis and Design, Fifth Edition
    Hoffer, George, Valacich (2008)
    Pearson Prentice Hall
    ISBN: 978-0-13-224076-5

Information Security Management (MMIS 510)

  • Information Security Management: Global Challenges in the New Millennium
    Dhillon (2001)
    Idea Group Publishing
    ISBN: 1-878289-78-0

Information Technology Project Management (MMIS 515)

  • Information Technology Project Management, Fifth Edition
    Schwalbe (2007)
    Thomson Course Technology
    ISBN: 978-1-4239-0145-7

Emerging Information Systems Technologies (MMIS 530)

  • Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, Fifth Edition
    Burgelman, Christensen, Wheelwright (2009)
    McGraw-Hill Irwin
    ISBN: 978-0-07-338154-1

Managing and Leading the Information Technology Workforce (MMIS 531)

  • Leaders & the Leadership Process: Readings, Self-Assessments & Applications, Fifth Edition
    Pierce, Newstrom (2008)
    McGraw-Hill Irwin
    ISBN: 978-0-07-353028-4
  • The Management of Technology and Innovation: A Strategic Approach
    White, Bruton (2007)
    Thompson South-Western
    ISBN: 978-0-324-14497-0

Enterprise Information Systems (MMIS 532)

  • Managerial Issues of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
    Olson (2004)
    McGraw-Hill Irwin
    ISBN: 0-07-286112-6
  • Concepts in Enterprise Resource Planning, Third Edition
    Monk, Wagner (2009)
    ISBN: 978-1-4239-0179-2

Business Database Systems (MMIS 534)

  • Database Management Systems: Designing & Building Business Applications, Third Edition
    Post (2005)
    McGraw-Hill Irwin
    ISBN:  978-0-07-291919-6

Computer-Based Decision Support Systems (MBUS 550)

  • Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems, Eighth Edition
    Turban, Aronson, Liang, Sharda (2007)
    Pearson Prentice Hall
    ISBN: 0-13-198660-0

Special Topics: Information Law and Policy (MMIS 570A)

  • Privacy, Information, and Technology, Second Edition
    Solove, Schwartz (2009)
    Aspen Publishers
    ISBN: 978-0-7355-7910-1

MIS Research Project (MMIS 590)

  • Doing a Literature Review
    Hart (2007)
    SAGE Publications
    ISBN: 978-0-7619-5975-5
  • Researching Information Systems and Computing
    Oates (2006)
    SAGE Publications
    ISBN: 1-4129-0223-1